• 01. Domestic Cleaning £22 £19
  • 02. Carpet Cleaning - Bedroom £28 £23
  • 03. Deep Cleaning £23 £20
  • 04. End of Tenancy - Studio £109 £89
  • 05. Gardening Service £50 £45

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Bow E3

End Of Tenancy CleaningCleaner Bow is a leading provider of professional end of tenancy and move out cleaning services in Bow, E3. Call us for a quote!

Leaving a rental real estate property is always a challenge. You have to think about and do million things before you can finally move out from the place. In this category is included also the obligatory end of tenancy cleaning which some tenants tend to forget. Fortunately, in our professional cleaning company we never forget about it. Our agency is situated in Bow in the capital London, and there we offer our inexpensive specialized treatments. It is not necessary to wait until the last minute to call us, you can book our professional end of tenancy cleaning services in advance and we will make sure that they are performed at the right moment.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in BowPrice
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Flatfrom £139
Two Bedroom Flatfrom £165
Three Bedroom Flatfrom £189
Four Bedroom Flatfrom £235

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    The owner of your rental property will certainly be very pleased when he finds out that you booked professional services for the final cleaning. As the end of the tenancy approaches, most tenants start to feel nervous because they don’t know what to handle first. Cleaner Bow can spare you all this stress by performing the required deep sanitation of your apartment or house instead of you.

    “Thanks to the end of tenancy cleaning, done by your company I quickly took my deposit and continue with my moving out.” – David

    End Of Tenancy Cleaners Bow, E3

    We will:

    • Go through every premise of your place and clean the dust;
    • Vacuum the carpets in all rooms and polish the floors;
    • Wash all windows, clean the appliances and all other things from the premises;
    • Clean the cabinetry, the drawers, the shelves, bookcases and other spaces from the property;
    • Disinfect the mattress of the bed, polish the bed frame and erase the cobwebs;
    • Scrub every tile, sink, shower, tub, toilet and other things which you have used during your stay

    We have products and machines which provide great cleanness and which are effective in any kind of situation. It doesn’t matter what kind of problems your place has because our equipment can solve all of them. We have chosen only the top supplies and technologies which you can find on the market and we intend to use them all, in order to organise and disinfect every centimetre of your rental property. Check our prices now!

    Cleaning Services Bow

    You can get rid of the grime and the dust from your rental property with a single phone call to the administrative headquarters of our company in Bow. Except friendly cleaners, we also have very well-mannered customer service operators who will be happy to assist you any way they can. Call them now and forget about the stress of the upcoming end of tenancy cleaning.